Can I remove the ads?

“We don’t like ads. We put a lot of effort into creating a beautiful, simple and functional app that is easy to glance at and move about your day. While the last thing we want is to bombard you with insurance or mortgage publicities, we do need to monetize the app to cover weather data providers and app maintenance to keep it up to date. For this reason, we allow you to turn the ads off for a small amount and have a nicer and smoother experience.
Update to Premium on iOS or switch to the paid version of the app in the Google Play store.

How I can create a routine?

Go to settings and tap "Edit Daily Routines"

•    Tap "Create a Daily Routine". You can also reuse a previously created one.

•    Pick a city or countryside background. This changes the background image to simulate where that routine will happen.

•    Once in the routine editor, drag the icons from the row above to the timeline below matching your routine, swipe right or left using the stripped grey zones to scroll back and forth through the day.

•    You will find different categories to replicate your day: Buildings, Transportation, Public places to eat out, or activities like walking, running or walking the dog.

•    You can move icons easily, just press and hold over one icon to be able to drag it to a new place.

•    To remove an icon from the timeline, just swipe it up to the row above.

•    Once your routine has been created, tap the top left area to name it.

•    Tap the left arrow to go back to your days list. Now, you can keep creating more routines or tap "Back" to go to main screen.

Modifying and deleting daily routines

Any routine can be modified if changes have to be made.

·   Go to settings and tap "Edit Daily Routines".

·   Tap the name of the routine you want to make changes to.

·   You can relocate icons easily, just press and hold over one icon to be able to drag it to a new place. To remove it from the timeline, just swipe it up to the row above.

·   Once modified tap the top left arrow to exit and save the changes made.

·   To delete a routine, just swipe left on the name and a red "Delete" button will appear. Once a routine has been deleted, it’s gone for good.

How can I change between Celsius and Fahrenheit?

Go to settings. Under "Units" you can select between Fahrenheit and Celsius, and other available measurement units.

How do I add locations?

·       Go to settings and tap on locations

·       You can automatically have your current location if you allowed the app when launched for the first time to turn on location services. If you didn't allow it, then you can go to phone "Settings" scroll down, tap the "A Weather Way" icon and under "Location" select "While using the app". Back in the app, turn the "Current location" switch on. (Note that only turning the switch on will not be enough, as location services on your phone’s Settings should be on as well).

·       To add a location, city, or airport, tap into the search field at the top of the screen and type a city name, zip code, or airport code. The app will list all the available names matching your query. Tap the one you were looking for and it will be added to your city list.

How do I see the 7 or 10 Day forecast?

On the main screen, swipe the timeline up to reveal the forecast for the next seven or ten days (depending if you are on portrait or landscape view).

How do I enable the widget?

You can get a glimpse of your day without launching the app using the “A Weather Way” Widget.

Add the widget in the today view:

1. Swipe right over the Home screen, Lock screen, or Notification Center.

2. Scroll to the bottom and tap Edit.

3. Find “A Weather Way” and tap the “+” icon, you can reorder and place it at the top of the list so it’s easier to find. Touch and hold the three lines button on the left and drag it to the top of the list.

4. To finish, tap Done.

Apple Watch:

If you have turned OFF Automatic App Install go to “My Watch” screen, scroll down and under the “Available Apps” list look for “A Weather Way” and tap “Install”.